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Interleave Video!

We enlisted Colin Devin Moore to direct an official video for Interleave and he did an amazing job. He took what was maybe 5 minutes of footage he was able to get with Alexis before our release party and turned it into this head trip of a multimedia masterpiece. You'll see tiny snippets from our live show worked in here but the brunt of it comes from Colin and his post production team. Here are the complete credits:

Directed by Colin Devin Moore
Visual Effects by Colin Devin Moore and Gil Amorin
shot by Colin Devin Moore and Brock Fetch
special thanks to Babyleg (Brian DeRan), Scion, Vice,
Ghostdad, XXXChange, Devlin, and Alexis.

Amazing work guys couldn't have turned out better. Thanks everyone who kept the moving parts in motion. Watch the video above!!!

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