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Kenny Bloggins is Mr. Devlin

Shit . We have this New blog so what's up Internet!!!
Here are too really nice b-side instrumental/dub tracks, that might be better than the vocal versions.
Both Ladies...Both Eighties
Shannon-Let The Music Play(dub)
Irene Cara-Breakdance(dub)
Check This Video as well...

And, Here are some Photos form Brasil. I didint take my camera to the Funk party so there are no flicks of that, but the country is pretty AMAZING. Darko's Movie will be up soon, illustarting the madness of the trip.
Rio Sunsrise
rio sunset

Statue Of Christ The Redeemer
The Jesus
Sau Paulo Street

Sau Paulo Street
Sau Paulo : anonymous Graf
Sau Paulo annonymous Graf.
LovePeace tighten up in Rio

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you guys went to a funk ball?
I am now officially jealous.


Good to see you boys are finally getting your act together.


Gotta love the DTLR bag in Brazil.


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