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MTVu Woodies

11.08.07 - New York City
Thursday night, we went to the mtvU Woodie Awards for a Spank Rock performance. The night started with a lot of waiting in the freezing cold and pre-game shots at a Russian bar next door to the venue. Once everyone was ready, we stampeded ourselves through this oddly constructed paparazzi photo shoot and into the backstage area. I had them rush Chris & I to the stage to set up our equipment. Luckily for us, there was an open bar back there. Once I was securely double fisting drinks, an escort took us to our designated area... which happily included Santogold and Talib Kweli. I started rambling to Talib, about how I was going to throw M&M's at him while gently whispering "Kweli..." (like in his song "The Blast", don't ask me why?), when some band started to walk up to the podium across from us. I told Chris to "watch my drinks for a minute" and jokingly started to walk over to the podium platform. No one stopped me. So, I walked up the stairs. No one stopped me. Next thing you know, I'm on stage presenting with Fall Out Boy. I'm embracing them and pretending to read the teleprompter. Still, no one is stopping me. The band didn't even notice that I was there, they must have been really focused. At this point, I figured that I had gotten away with too much, so I didn't go crazy... even though I wish I would have started yelling into the microphone or something. I only remember thinking, where the fuck is the security... its been like half a minute and I'm still on stage. Thats the very moment at which I looked backwards and saw this gigantic security guard and his gigantic security guard hands grabbing for me. I heard Santi trying to diffuse the situation by saying, "It's OK, he's a performer... they're on next!". It helped, but the entire group of us were still escorted out of the audience by security and other personnel with walkie-talkies. I hope it looks good on TV... that, and me slamming my turntable into the stage during the on-air performance of Rick Rubin!

mtv woodies
mtvU Naeem w/ Dancers
Devlin & Darko mtv woodies
Rick Rubin Sound Check for the mtvU Woodie Awards 2007

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