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European Vacation Mega Image Post

well this post is a little past it's expiration date. but hey, I think some of these pictures are worth sharing, and I hope you do too!
European vacation team.

The Kills getting ready to play to a packed house at the Modular party

This crazy huge squat they were demolishing across the street from the Ninja Tune offices.

bugs. running shit in a nice tuxedo.

D&D vandalized Sinden's whiteboard at the Kiss fm studio

Me and Chris looking and feeling stupid after missing the Kills show. We went to the wrong club.

detail of my bourgeoise hotel room in Barcelona

some kind of space/egg/dildo/thingy outside of our hotel.

Chris eating food

Mission accomplished.

Our Barcelona pre-club feast. at this table are Tiga, Belle and Sebastian, Soulwax with band and crew, dj Mehdi, and some other people who I don't know.

Razzmatazz, super club in Barcelona, putting the "big room" back in big-room house music

apparently I was still hungry

and finally! the reason for this entire post. This trip's One-More-Day Champion! our now dear friend, Luis, who followed Chris and Ron all the way from Mexico, through the UK and all the way to Barcelona, and who turned out to be an all around stand up guy in the O.M.D. tradition. turns out he had never heard of any of us , or spank rock, or modular or sinden or whoever, he just wanted to party. no male-groupie-o

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Prof. Rockwell

that top picture looks like the bathrooms at the Toys-R-Us in Times square.


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