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Here's the low down dirty dirty...
This will be our 3rd Fully Fitted Monthly in NYC.
Its one monster of a dance party that happens @ the sexy ass HIRO Ballroom. The first one was with Kudu, the second was Moby & Tony Sunshine... Now, its going to be Ms. Amanda Blank - the first lady of the ROCK BOYS Familia. This is BIG for so many reasons, but the main reason being that... She doesn't ever do solo gigs! She's always just guest spotting at Spank Rock shows. If you don't know, you better axe somebody! Or, just click the links below.

Spank Rock feat. Amanda Blank "Bump (Switch Remix)"
Britney Spears "Gimme More (Eli Grayson Mix feat. Amanda Blank)"
Pase Rock feat. Amanda Blank "Sexy Mother Fucker (Eli Remix)"
Amanda Blank "Get It Now (Robot Koch Remix)"
Bangers & Cash feat. Amanda Blank "Loose"

Big up FOURCOLORZACK for whipping us up a quick blinking e-flyer. We also got the one and only Pasey Pase DJing with us too!

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uh ... whoa. I never seen this version. whoa.


yo. this shit ain't blinkin for me. wtf


this is a smaller image from flicker. It doesn't blink, but if you click the pic, it will take you to the blinking image. Links baby!

Pretty Titty

That thing is giving me a seizure salad.


What's the story? says doors open at midnight and your flyer says doors open at 10. I'll be there regardless, but I just need to know what time to get there. Not missing this for the world!


Things are changing quick.
The doors open @ Midnight!
PASE ROCK will be there.
It's going to get TURBO!


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