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Im gona try to do a weekly podcast and i figured the best way to start was with this radio show.We went into the studio with Ghostdad and it turned out to be really fun.

Spagett came through and The Rascal co-hosted. We had some international listeners via Montreal and Hong Kong. The show was pretty long so i cut out a bunch of talking and chopped it in two (and corrected my self).
Here it is, along with some pretty nice sleeve pics:

mofo radio pt.1 (devlinpod)

mofo radio pt.2 (devlinpod)

click here for the full version (no edits )

Also when lurking around the internets looking for information on Los Chakachas-Jungle Fever , I found this really nice blog post with links to some funky ass belgian disco and early 80s wierdness... get them before they go down @ Belsoft

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