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With all the traveling that we do, theres never enough time to go to
the movies or watch television. So, when we actually get time off,
I buy a batch of DVDs and do nothing but order in and watch
movies at the crib. These are the DVDs I've just purchased...

The King Of Kong: A Fist Full Of Quarters
king o fkong
This guy with a mullet had the highest score on Donkey Kong
way back in the 80's and could never be beat... until now!
Armed with "a fist full of quarters" and a heart of gold, Steve Wiebe
takes on the Twin Galaxies for a shot at the world record books.

JAWS: 30th Anniversary Edition
This came in a 2 disc boxed set with a commemorative 55 page photo book for $9.99. I can sniff out a bargain like a pig does truffles.

2057: The Body, The City, The World.
I'm always complaining about how my "Promised Future" isn't here. You know, the flying hover boards and robotic butlers that we were promised by the Walt Disney corporation before the turn of the new millennium. Well, this DVD looks like it might enlighten me to some
of those answers I've been so longly searching for.

The Simpsons Movie
Everyone I talked to that saw this movie when it came out said the same thing, it was "alright" and that it felt like a "long episode". They were wrong, it's dope and now in my DVD collection.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Sixth Season
curb 6
I can understand those of you who may find it hard to watch this man painfully stumble and awkwardly go through his everyday activities, but its so good. For some people its The Sopranos and for others, like myself, its Curb Your Enthusiasm... and then there are people who watch I Love New York.

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About that future DVD. I totally agree. Especially about the hover boards. I mean, we could send people to the Moon 40 years ago, but we can't figure out jet packs and hover boards? The hell? Dear NASA: Screw sending more crap to Mars. We want hover boards and jet packs and we want 'em now. Kthanxbye.


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