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7" Rips : The Horn section.

I was Going through my old hard drive and i found a bunch of stuff i had recorded into serrato a while back. While scratchy and scuffed, there were some pretty nice songs. Which reminds me, I was supposed to make a mixtape with the same name as this post...back to work.

1) Funk - Mecco

This was the B side to Mecco's platinum selling, instrumental hit, "Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band". I prefer this one to the A side.
It was also featured on the seminal mixtape "Heavy Metal Mamossa" of 2005. But man, Check out that LP cover.

2)Found A Child -Ballin Jack
ballinjack group w title

What more can I say. Ballin Jack is amazing. Who is ballin Jack, i dunno Clayton just click here.( i got this on a turntable lab 7" from Darko). This track is amazing though, so amazing that The almighty Young MC recycle it for one of his many smash hits. Go Seattle.

3)Carribean Festival - Kool and The gang
DE-LITE 1573

Man, Ronnie and i played the shit out of this record all summer and fall of 05. We had three or four turntables set up on my kitchen and we would just play records and get fucking twisted with our knucklehead friends. I think this was on the Mamossa mix too. Kool and the Gang Killing it.

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