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Live from the airport in Quebec city.

Wow. There is Snow everywhere and more on the Way. Djing tonite with (currently waiting for) Ronald James Darko in Quebec City, and Sunday in Toronto. Actually, the Sunday night just got moved to Saturday night because of a snow storm. Man...Snow is lovely and all, but it's March. COME ON! (Texas too..eesh)

You know where its probably not snowing...

The Jesus

Yea Rio...mmm..Rio...

Anyway this song: Princesa Negra d'Angola by Bebeto is sooo nice.

It was written...

"A real Paulista, groovemeister and guitarist, Bebeto moved to Rio in the late ‘70s, soon becoming a star of suburban balls and parties. His funky and soulful grooves were inspired heavily by Jorge Ben and Tim Maia. Credited as one of the creators of the funky guitar licks that are a trademark of Samba Soul, Bebeto has released over twenty albums."

Been really liking this song for a whie. I messed with the arrangement a bit to make it better for me to mix, but i won't be presumptuous...

Here is the original and the edit:

Princesa Negra d'Angola - Bebeto

NEW LINK..MP3 file

Princessa_Negra _d'Angola_(edit) - Bebeto

For alot of really cool Brazilian music/expesive ripped records go here

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