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More Puppet stuff: The Chipset/Rockswell Files

 This is an old Sketch Charles Set and I worked on. Its a club edit of James and Bobby Purify's "I'm Your Puppet". We did this for a mixtape on Blentwell 2 years ago this month. Not a lost gem like the Lilly remix, but it used the same song. It just goes to show how deep that oldies addiction runs.
The mixtape edit. A DJ tool maybe ...
I'm YOuR PuppeT (dj Tool@129.5) - ChipseT & RockSweLL

about that wizard puppet: We were going to have our lablel be called Wizard Sleeve Music and make hoddies with snap out huge sleeves as well but it seems Erol Alken has beaten us to the punch, ONCE AGAIN!

Download the mix if you did'nt get it already in 06'...

also...These Djs have grown up SO MUCH in the last two years that they now use Grown and Sexy house Dj names Charles Set and Christopher Devlin.

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still a great mix


Move over K Billy's "Super Sounds of the Seventies"

Kick Ass Mix!


I wish chipset would get back into making music...

Dr. Knockboots

Has it really been 2 years?? Damn, I'm getting old!!!


Nice & Smooth's self-titled, 1989 debut uses the "I'm Your Puppet" loop on the outro song "Sum Pimped Out Shit".

You know... for the nerds.


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