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From our Generous friends Part 3...

 My internet music friend (let's call her Nancy) sent me this spring music zip a few weeks back. Unzipped and uploaded, here is installment 1 of 2 :

Georgy Porgy - toto
tonite - Punkin Machine
Girls - The Moments

Nancy on the songs....

"I think good music tends to speak for itself. Unlike bad music which i love to talk about.
The less i say, people will google and maybe they will come across something they like. "

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I'll see your Toto - "Georgy Porgy" and raise you...
MC Lyte - "Poor Georgie"

Messy Tessy

Hahah GAME ON!

Messy Tessy

Wait, are we doing "pathetic poor georgies" b/c although both Lyte and Toto's Georgy fared pretty bad, they did better than Madame George, or Rod Stewarts Georgie.
I happen to hate both songs so i wont post them.


thanks so much for posting punkin machine. ive been playing the wrenchman edit pitched down and it always annoyed me


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