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New Music Video.

... this just in from Balagan and Duey

"Here's a little collage project that fully fits Fully Fitted: I did this international sample grab of drums and handclaps originally with the intention of making a Baltimore club track, you'll notice the tempo is up there. But I said, "fuck it" as it took shape and became a Balagan (mess) like me. I asked the world's greatest video editor, Florida-Philly's Duey FM aka SystemD128 aka Stemspot to do up a video for it, and after capturing a ton of clips from my old foreign videos one weekend at him and Diplo's pad, this is what came out. Enjoy, and you better move your ass or you might be dead" - Balagan

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this is strong to very strong. what's that movie where everyone's breaking it down on the construction site equipment? need to get that


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