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Super Slammer Sundays II

Chris & I had the distinguished honor of performing at this weekends Electronic Music Festival in Detroit with Peanut Butter Wolf and 2 Live Crew. And, lucky for you, I have video! This one in particular is... straight-up live footage of the Crew's hit, "Me So Horny". Yes, before you click the link, it is exactly what you think it is... so buyer beware!

*Theres a surprise for those that make it to the 3:35 mark. Enjoy!

K Fresh's Hair (Merged)



Gary Wilson Beer


PBW in Detroit

Robo Bear


Graf Color

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this show was closer to what i imagined the 2 Live show would be like.(you have to watch until the top comes off) It Made the show at SkinnyXSkinnyjeansW look as tame as it was.

Stil,l im waiting for Luke and 1000 people and more dancers. Ron does'nt have any pictures of this but we played pool against Uncle Rico and his pool shark Lady, and won twice!!!!


shit was dope, good seeing you guys again!


hahahaha good kickin it with you guys and i promise a better coney experience next time. Lafayette Coney Island is the place to go!!! - K-Fresh


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