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Soooo...I spent alot of the past couple weeks hanging out in my apartment with the widows open. I did some relaxing, made alot of breakfasts and worked on a bunch of music stuff. Some was successful, some was not. One of these things was a mix project for Shilo. I think this one is pretty good... To check it out, click the image Below.

(big thanks to shilo and Clayton, but not for that crazy pic of me he put up!)

in other news... 'Rueters confirms: Ma'am, you are Breakfast.'

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Chris, just downloaded this psyched to listen to it on my lunch break/drive/smoke. Love everything you guys are doing keep it up! Peace from B-more.

Dylan Salmon


DYlan Dylan Dylan..... lunch table dylan?!?!?


bustin out the '98 sony headphones for that quality listening experience. nothing like a good rattle in your left ear


Dylan from Gilman, we went to school together. Those were the days. I like the mix, just listened to half of it so far. Sounds good though. Hit me up next time your around town.

Pretty Titty

It's your face man! You don't like it then put a bag over it.


As I do with most mixes I DL, I copied the track listing so I could paste in the lyrics section... BUT it was already there! Props for that! so I can look up the songs and notes when I'm rockin' your mix on the subway!
Everyone else posting mixes online, take note.


this will go nicely with my lagers n' grand theft auto pregame routine holla!


this one also has tracklisting for your I pod


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Miss MK

!hola hola you're breakfast bitch. great bassline on Hercules, I been super into that track for a hot minute. Nice segway with the bit about umgumbo tea...would be fun to bump herc in the bmo park eating crabcakes, but I'm off to maine to eat crab!


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