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I used to be obsessed with Mathew Herbert's P.C.C.O.M. (or personal contract for the composition of music) which is sort of his personal manifesto for making tracks. In my opinion this contract led to the excess of clicky/poppy type material in Herberts output but it is an interesting mission statement nonetheless. especially part5 which is probably the only part of this I still try and use as a guideline:

"The inclusion, development, propagation, existence, replication, acknowledgement, rights, patterns and beauty of what are commonly known as accidents, is encouraged. Furthermore, they have equal rights within the composition as deliberate, conscious, or premeditated compositional actions or decisions."

and is reminiscent of the more or less random approach encouraged by Eno's "Oblique Strategies" which you can now get in widget form!
Oh yeah so the pitchfork techno column that's up now has something to do with, as usual, old guard dance music djs and producers being dissatisfied with THE STATE THAT MUSIC IS IN. anyhoo if you scroll all the way down there's some funny and not so funny manifestos inspired by the P.C.C.O.M. highlights include:

"No more disco re-edits."

" It's ok to play more than one minute of a record in a mix. It's even ok to play an entire song (at times)."

"FACT: It is a sin to think that a tape delay emulator is dubby."

" You can play disco, or older music, but only if it's your last track (this means you're cool)." (!)

" If you don't earn enough money by producing and DJing, you will not necessarily earn more if you start a label."

good stuff! also, here's a track that I got from a dude in Munich the other night, don't remember the name of it , but I recognized it as an old Herbert remix I used to have on vinyl so if anybody can remember the name, you know, hit me up!

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...the Deli down the street has a Dick Sandwich for the guy who made up the term "IDM"

that was afunny one.



oh my god, that's so true... you CAN play a song for six or seven minutes some times. yep, six minute of the same song is totally alright. thanks for the confirmation old guys.


thank you!


good example..Todd Terje's DISCO RE-EDIT of chic's "I want you love"

Damn, this one is a paradox.

Messy Tessy

confucius say ..."If you change your musical style, you could consider using the one you just left behind on the one you get into."

terrible. i want the thirty seconds it took for me to figure out remotely what that meant back.


you should make psa's for all the blogs.


Tune is Moloko - sing it back


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