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Head Lamp Killer

Headlamp Killer

The last time Chris & I DJed in San Diego, we happened upon this toy store earlier in the day. Inside the shop, I spotted these super sweet adjustable head lamps. Back at the club and a pack of batteries later, we ended up doing all of the usual lighting tricks and stunts... such as the classic, spot lighting Pase as he hosts... The always trusty and patented, focused light beam to the broken disco ball hanging from the ceiling... and who can forget the fool proof, calling out random people in the crowd with the spot light move. These little beauties definitely took the night to that extra level of blastdom!

Since that fateful evening, my head lamp has stayed tucked away in my bag waiting for just the right occasion to present itself again... Portugal was not that occasion. I can't remember why the lamp came out of its hiding place, but once one person saw it, everyone wanted a piece of the head lamp! Somehow during the course of a very minute span of time, it quickly became the handsfree light that everyone used to go to the shitter with. One girl took it with her to the Porta-John, then another and another... all that I remember in my clouded memory of disgust, is that one girl tried to hand it back to me saying "thanks a lot, that worked out great". My response - Ummmm.... naaaw, you keep it.

DJ Ruin - Lactose Intolerant (Hip Hop Mix circa. 2000)

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i dont know what the fuck lactose intoerant has to do with this charming tale about our headlamps,but this mixtape was the bomb!!!! .... one of the reasons i said, "Man,fuck learning how to beat juggle.."


All of the "poo" references in the mix are the connecting factor to the lamp porta-john story and I'm shining a light on it... Oh Snap!


i needs one of those in my life...


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