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Remix Contest!


My man Mochipet is having a Remix Contest for his latest album, Microphonepet. Similar to what we tried to do a while back with the YoYoYoYoYoYo accapellas, but with a lot more organization and a constructive concept. He's got all the links, webpages and blogs ready for your hot remixing action... and the winner gets pressed on wax!

Rules & Information

1. Download the Accapellas (here)
2. All samples used in your song must be copyright free.
3. Submit your remix via email as a 320K MP3 file to...
4. Winner will be chosen by Mochipet, Chris De Luca Vs. Phon.o, Darko, Dj C, Jahcoozi, Boreta (Glitchmob), Machine Drum, etc...
5. A WAV/AIFF will be required from the winner for mastering.
6. The winning remix will be pressed on to a 12" with other remixes by Chris De Luca Vs. Phon.o, Darko, Dj C, Jahcoozi, Machine Drum and more...

Further information and current submissions can be found (here)

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He is wearing a dinosaur outfit.


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