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The Birdwatcher...from the Files of Brian Devlin

My dad, in his daily travels through the city, has been taking pictures of birds. He loves birds and wildlife, and has caught some really awesome flicks from Druid Hill Park to Lake Roland (aka Robert E. Lee, we like to use the common name so as to pay no homage to backward thinking dead people). Im going to post some here in the next few weeks...

For the first installment of The Urban Birdwatcher I present to you this beauty from 27th st. 

Safety first Pigeons!..

Thanks DaD!!

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Last week when we were driving in a car through the city, the car next to us hit a bird that was flying by. In total cartoon fashion... all you could see was the poof of feathers that exploded from the impact. They just floated down to the ground. You rarely see birds get hit by cars, or at least rarely see them cartoon explode!

PS: If your Dad's next bird isn't an Oriole... Game Over.


I too saw a bird get crunched by a car last week. Under the tire. It swooped down to grab something and didn't come back up. Gross noises. Also unexpected. Are birds just getting dummer? Perhaps these were old birds moving slow.


i wanna meet that dad


Birds with a deathwish - ITS REAL!

The city I lived in for uni.. theres heaps of galahs and cockatoos (real names). In spring they hang out in massive flocks all over the place and you'll just see poofs of pink or white when driving down the roads.

Maybe you're dad would like to check these out (not the dying bit.. but the funny bird bit)


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