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Introducing, The Dadsampler

What up Fully Fitted! Chris asked me to do a write up on this little sampler I put together using max/msp. If you've seen dude lately, you may have seen him sending off airhorns via Wiimote over other DJ's. Too good! The secret to the madness is in the screenshot below:
Big time inspired by FlossyFX, the DadSampler let's you load your own sounds and makes available the plethora of ways you can pass control data into max (keyboard, midi, wiimote, workin on iPhone, etc). It's a bit crude, but gets the job done and runs behind Serato perfectly. I'm definitely into supporting/taking it further but I really just work on it whenever I find the time so it's been slow going. I started learning Max back in my college days (not that long ago) and this is kind of a fun way for me to keep up with it and have something practical for gigs. But now for the good news:

Now that Max 5 Runtime is out, you can run this little patch on your very own machine! Forgive the tech talk, I've put together a simple walk through to get you going at the link below. Nab it and let me know if it crashes.

PC folks hold tight. I've got to compile that one separately. Got some homies working on that along with other improvements. If you're a programming head and grab that source code let me know what you're up to with it, and holler at that cc license as well, tryin to keep it open source. Thanks for trying it out and holler with any questions!


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I was really hoping you'd have a snappier tag-name by the time you unveiled this, but...

May I suggest, in no particular order:
1. Dampler
2. The Ghost
3. Wampler
4.The Wii Thang Thang!


The ghampler perhaps ?


The Dampener


this is sick. what/where is the app to control it from your iphone?

are there iphone apps to do live mixes from the dance floor? either developed or in dev such as this:


the wii thang thang. from now on. only! or, the Navajo Grampler (JP residents only). All fine with me.

No luck with iPhones yet. I'm rolling 3G these days and it doesn't seem doable. Rather, I can crack my iPhone all I want but the software that will let it communicate with max has gone MIA since the app store opened. If anyone has the slightest idea what I'm talking about/where I can find aka.remote patches functioning with a jailbroken 3g holler.

I heard about a beat making program for iphone once. Not a dj thing yet. Once you can get it to control Max there's no reason you can't send data to resato or any other midiable program. no?

Ryan D.

I don't like the PC-user discrimination here...


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