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so back in January The good folks over at Heaps Decent invited me and Chris Devlin to team up with the King Sisters Heather and Janey down in Sydney to show them how to make a song and just hang out and stuff. We just chilled and ate and hung out in the Heaps studio while I helped them write some raps and showed them how to deliver them. This is what we all came up with. Nina and I helped the girls write the lyrics and do the vocals while Chris whipped up some beats on the Heaps equipment and Nina and Levins broke down some basic protools instruction. anyway this is the most satisfying thing I've done all year and I urge all of you to buy this joint and support the Heaps Decent project because its just some super cool shit. I was back in Australia last week and I got to hang with Heather and Janey again. They are super cool girls and you should buy this release so they can go itunes platinum and get a record deal and keep recording more material.

here's the press release:

We’ve been working with volunteers in Australia to provide an outlet / resource / music education center for underpriveledged and indiginous youth in Australia. Between offering a space for kids to come and learn dj’ing and production technics, Heaps Decent has been linking them up with established artists for workshops, recording and the possibility of an international release- such as this track.

“Koori Girls” features the 16 and 17 year old King Sisters (Heather and Janey), produced by Spank Rock’s Chris Devlin (aka Chris Rockswell) and featuring vocals from Pase Rock. The King Sisters are two of the girls who came in to Heaps Decent studio for workshops, and “Koori” is another term for indigenous or aboriginal, with more of a spiritual identification. 100% of the proceeds from these releases go directly back into the Heaps Decent initiative - look out for upcoming collaborations from M.I.A., Radioclit, Diplo and more.

In addition to this and the previous Heaps Decent release, “Smash A Kangaroo” (produced by Diplo), Australia’s Parklife Festival is also donating a portion of ticket sales to Heaps Decent.

here's an article on Pitchfork:

Heaps Decent

and a direct link to the blog post about Party Like Mad and the project here

and here's a link to the Mad decent blog which has a direct link to the song on itunes.

and right here is the itunes link directly.

go support cool people doing cool shit for the seeds! FOR THE SEEDS! I don't think you heard me... FULLY FITTED IS FOR THE CHILDREN!

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Wicked, headed to OZ for djing and a workshop in November .

Also side note... GhostDad gets production credit on the beat too. I think it's a fun little chune.


I'm gonna have to put this through my legal team before admitting to possibly having played the synthesizer on this one.

Nahhh just playing. Proud to have been a part of this! Everyone go buy it and support this next generation on the mic!

and someone get this to Annie Mac! 'eviest chuune this year! Crank that!

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