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mega post: "Shake 'em Down" & "Bag Lint"

pt1. boston

Played at Chris' party last night, "Shake 'em Down" (aka blog haus vs. hippie disco) with Klaysten P and Knife. Mr Devlin opened with the finest example of a true "hippie disco" set as I've ever heard. Knife killed the warm-up set with an hour set of nothing less than mega-smashes (daft punks band, MJ, fuckin Calabria etc... the only thing he didn't play was that apple bottoms jeans song). I did my first video set which worked out very well (technically the old macbook did ok) despite only having quality videos for about 25 songs. Overall the SL video thing was, I think, better suited for a festival audience not so much the small nightclub/bowling alley/pizza joint steez as it was a distracting the good folks of JP from dancing some. ALSO my video/music selection was mostly limited to blog house and big room hipsterhouse which may or may not have been appropriate 4 the audience. .....A few years ago when we played in boston this girl came up and asked if I was going to play "techno all night?!" I think I was playing "shack up" but, you know, I think things have come a long way here since then, but this time I was definitely playing "techno," and that girl or one of her cousins was there for sure. Klaysten p finished out the night with an excellent set of pretty much everything great that wasn't played already plus calabria again lol. Also the heathen was in the place to be so it was nice to finally meeet dude. so yeah off to Seattle tomorrow and then back to NY to just in time to get my suit game focused for fashion week.

pt.2 "bag lint"
Pase recently gave me his headliner bag (great bag can't say enough good things about it. stylish, durable, perfect for 2laptops, 4 records, 1 serato box and 1 needle case & other assorted junk). THIS ^^^^^ is the pile of crap that came out of it when we went to switch. deodorant, 2 ipods, 3 non functional cellphones, 1 functional PSP, a myriad of backstage passes, train/plane tickets, drink tickets, receipts and a giant pile of change in all denominations and nationalities (airport security. holler!) 1 pair "steve aoki" WESC headphones. posters. lint. All this stuff is still sitting on that table in my houst BTW, so apparently none of it's very important, funny the amount of crap you accumulate when travelling almost constantly.

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yes. jp in the billding!


Cot damn I'm laughing out loud right now, well hung over and waiting for this bitch ass cab to take me to the airport so I too can put more shit in my janky ass bag... Assbag ha!!!!


Sounds like you need to get yourself a "bagdog"!


I encountered that pile of babylon tings while at xxxchanges and I was thinking, "not only is Pase so fucking disco, he is so fucking resourceful".


pass the deodorant. i think those videos looked pretty damn good.

Pretty Titty

As Ron would say: "You don't know what it's like to be a traveling DJ."

The Genevan Heathen

was real cool to be there. SHOUT OUT!


ebay!!!!!!!!!! I sold my year old PSP for $120


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