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FAR OUT MAN (Hippy Disco and seredipity)

I was in NY recently, mostly hanging out celebrating the 9th anniversary of my 21st birthday, but also messing around on some stuff in the studio with Alex...Which is where i ecountered this great thing :



That sounds kind of like THIS

When I checked my email the next morning I had an email from ChetTheBody...He said to check this dude out:

"Ralph Lundsten is one of the pioneers of international electronic music with his own studio Andromeda. Recordings are done with his own home-built electronic instruments, some built in cooperation with the Finnish physicist Erkki Kurenniemi. Ralph Lundsten began making music by cutting tapes to his tape recorder and in that way he got sounds that no traditional instruments could give. In 1959, he built his studio Andromeda inside his wooden castle Frankenburg (originally built in 1878) in Boo, and he has kept it state of the art since.
People thought him to be a bit insane to make music in that way but he had some commercial success with the EP he released in 1964, which got airplay on French radio. Among his studio's more interesting instruments are the world's oldest sequencer and polyfony synth (Andromatic), another synth (Dimi-O) playable in the empty air in front of a camera and the playing visible through a display (Ralph says that Led Zeppelin was ready to steal it from him when they visited the studio) and a synth (The Love Machine) that is playable through the touch of other people's skins (and sensitive to mood and feelings)."

And I got this shirt in the mail :



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Prince Klassen

that sound at the beginning of the chune was sampled on a track I gave you last year. that cornnut jawn

Messy Tessy

Me like. That guy is like a credible Dennis Garcia. B/c when i think "man making computer instruments in wooden castle" i think of DG. Who produced nothing of merit, unless you count the hours of laughter that listening to Jive to Stay Alive gives to its listener.

Brother Darkness

Ralph Lundsten also did the soundtrack to Thriller: A Cruel Picture AKA They Call Her One Eye!! Its insane dubbed out synth screams and ambient soothings, lovely stuff!
Go here for a cheeky download of the score ripped from the DVD.


That dude's blog has over 3 Million hits!?!?!?! I thought we were cool with hitting 60,000. Cot Damn! Thats Evy!

Pete Smalltown

Haha I have that shirt. That IS evvy.

I read really much effective material here!


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