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bag lint shirts and seattle pictures

made some bag lint shirts the other day by taking a bunch of pase's crap, that came out of his old dj bag, throwing it on the scanner, and printing it out onto an iron-on thingy, and then ironing voila! a shirt that looks like it has a bunch of crap on it! yay!
here's a detail of one of the other shirt designs. I have no idea what "po chai" pills are. sorry if this is embarassing to anyone.
If you're intrested in getting a unique bag lint t-shirt, good for two maybe three washes (but how many time are you really going to be able to wear that white t anyway?!) send your bag lint, 1 good quality, pre-shrunk, white t-shirt, plus $200 USD and a self-addressed , stamped envelope to:

Fully Fitted Fucking Famous
476 Clinton avenue #5F
Brooklyn, New York

Bonus Post! Seattle Photos

here's some photos I took when Clayton took me to the Seattle Public Library. This library was designed by Rem Koolhaas and it has all kinds of cool shit inside including this crazy ass red tunnel thingy.

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need that shirt


need that shirt

Pase Rock

oh my god these are going into production asap.



oof. jpeg compression was not kind to those red hallway photo yikez


our library is tight. i think i saw you were playing something but it was 21+, maybe it was all ages and i was lazy.

Breezy Palomino

This is a REAL shirt!


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