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Mac Nerd Alert!

Recently, I decided to upgrade my work horse computer... a PowerMac G4 MDD Tower. So, I ordered two 512MB PC2100 DDR 266Mhz Memory Modules, a 4 Port PCI FireWire Card, a 5 Port USB 2.0 PCI Card and an Apple AirPort 802.11b Wireless Network Card. Since my Mac is now 6 years old, all of these pieces were cheaper then dirt.

When I originally purchased the computer in the winter of 2002, it cost around $2000. Now, you can find it on ebay for $300.  I've thought about buying another one for the spare parts and building it into a super iPod! Ironically, my 17" Monitor died once I started messing around with it after all of these years. Now I have a super computer, but I can't see a facking thing!

AirPort Network Card
AirPort Card

FireWire & USB 2.0 Cards
USB and FireWire Cards

2G of Memory
Memory to the Max

The Guts!
The Guts

Backside (All)
Now, She's a Bonafide Thickie!

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Question: have you upgraded the fan...I have one of those computers too (dual 1.25 GHz) and the thing is soo noisey and also runs really hot. I've thought of changing the fan but it seems to be a bitch...just figured I'd ask a fell MDD nerd for some advice


Well, Perry... funny that you should ask. I was looking into replacing the fans too, as they are a common problem with the G4 MDD towers. After doing some snooping on the internets, I found that while they are relatively inexpensive to buy... they seem to be a bit of a hassle and a tad too difficult to swap out... Even for this Mac Nerd.

If after all these years, you're still fed up with the noise... an easier solution is available! You can drill a hole through the wall and put your computer in another room. Feed the wires from the back of your computer through the hole. Alex just did this at his studio to get rid of the noise while recording. And if its good enough for Alex, its good enough for me!

See you next time on "Mac Nerd Alert!"


Hey Darko,

Give thanks for the reply...I think I'm gonna have to replace the fans since my closet is mad small and I have a suspicion that the computer is running way to hot for it's old self.

Mac nerd for life.



If you ever read this blog post again... Holler at me with your fan mod details. I now can't stand the noise either! - hit me.


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