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Ghostech update, iPhone edition.

Had a breakthrough weekend working on some max patches to use while DJing. Don't have anything fully tested yet, but here's a little tid bit that's saving me a lot of time:

There's finally a quick and easy way to send midi signals from your iPhone for all your Dadsampler or cue point needs. It's a little set of apps called itouchmidi and it gets sexier then the screenshot above. Download the app to your laptop and your phone and you're set to go. Works over your network connection and I've found it best to create your own device network on your laptop and then join it on your phone (has lag over a wireless router). The drum pad, keyboard, and xy pad interfaces are for sale in the app store but there's a trial version available for free to make you got it all working. Works with just about anything! Amazing! Go forth and controls things from your iPhone!

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looking forward to using this bad boy this weekend, carrying around a trigger finger for dad sampler is a pain. THANKS!

Ryan D.

With all this innovating you are doing, why is there no PC-friendly dadsampler yet?


Fuck PCs! Every PC app and program never has shit for Macs! I gotta do all this cross computer bullshit and have multiple thumbdrives to transfer files... If i can't get the Playstation Network Store for my Mac, then you shouldn't be able to get a PC friendly Dadsampler.

Also, if your using a PC and you DJ, you should stop DJing.

I'm Ron McCain and I approve this message.




I support Ron's previous statement.


when are you going to start making shit for the android? COME ON!!!


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