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I am finally back on North American shores after 6 weeks in Asia (Shout out to Australia which technically is not Asia). 2 weeks Down Under, 3 days in Korea 4 days In Thailand and 3 weeks in Japan. Making em say unnnnnnnhhh!! nana Nanaaaaaaaa!. they call me the original Master P. Had fun had a blast. here's the latter half of the trip in pics... Stay tuned for mo' fun, mo' betta, mo' jams and mo' name dropping. oh... and mo' male models. we'll start off with a bonus pic from my video shoot of a new song called "Nights". It's a Billy Ocean cover I did produced by my man XXXchange. shot by me and Yone:

Okayama has the best Udon!

Mademoiselle Yulia at my DJ gig at Le Baron.

Gus from Bang Gang came thru.

as did Tigarah.

and the ol' homie Verbal and Yone chan. shout out to L-Universe (real headz know the deaaalll!!)

w/ Yone and DJ Kango

VJ Take!


Fat Jon in Okayama

Parra came thru our Tokyo gig!

stragglers! it's 6 am go hooome!

Jerk Chicken...

... inna Dancehall stylee!!

Getting ready to hit the stage in Tokyo... matching Hip Hop uniforms! we keeps it rill dawg nuts.


Kyoto... night

soundcheck Tokyo

cannon baaallliiiiinnnnnn! at my villa in Cha Am, Thailand

Kyoto cemetary...

Shibuya skyline from the penthouse..

bunnyhopping in front of Parco in Shibuya

I'm out.

So fucking Disco.Hop.Electro (cringe)

P. Rock

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Wicked pics, mate!



pase! That cannonBALLIN flick is boss

-chris "been riding for So Fuckin Disco for a year and a half, but now Pace Ocean is here and I have a new song to play every night " Devlin


Man! Your living the life I dream of every night! Lets get these water mansions son!? Also, matching blue puff jackets... Over!

Oh my god, there's so much helpful info here!


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