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Parklife Photos Pt.2

brisbane is crazy...seems like the city is half finished. here's the view from my hotel: another hotel just like it, under construction, plus some building that looks like a prison

Sean a.k.a. Har Mar superstarr has been making cameo appearances with Neon Neon every day. I'm surprised they don't fire him because he totally steals the show! see details below and above

Some dudeboy 8bit preparing to do coitis with an inflatable alligator?

boy 8bit and fake blood
hiplo ....uh i mean dipol.

2many djsthe crowd in sydneyMing who co-owns and runs Fuzzy/ParklifeJimmy who runs the best/last record shop in Sydney Djing at the end of tour afterparty

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Breezy Palomino

haha dipol... remember when we saw chris delvin perform at the rock my balls show?

and did you ever notice that the is back up?


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