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Claire Hux: D-Lake Guest Post


It's DLake from Baltimore/Unruly Records introducing my new group "Claire Hux". We are comprised of Singer Symbol, DJ Morsy (NYC-Nanachill), and myself Hype Man/DJ/Producer/Auto Tune using Vocal guy DLake. I like to say we take our influences from Bel Biv Devoe, Fresh Prince, and Outkast with a 2008 party music keep everyone dancing sorta twist (Especially cuz we have a bunch of syncopated choreographed dances throughout our set).

Claire Hux just finished a brand spanking new mixtape that was mixed by the Unruly Records great SCOTTIE B.!!! Titled "Jammin on the One" (If you get the Cosby Show reference you get 2 cool points). You can download it here.

And............ while you wait for that download to finish, don't forget to peep the crazy compilation video of a few of our shows (It's mad entertaining I promise).

As always... If your feeling us tell all your friends, send a link to the mixtape, burn them a copy, blog about it, befriend us on myspace or facebook so you can keep up on the comings and goings of Claire Hux. Great things planned for 2009. One of those great things is actually the 3rd Annual "March Mustache and Miniskirt Party" with Devlin & Darko and Claire Hux. Probably going to be early March sometime.. more info on that in the next month or so! Last year was BANANAS so this year is going to be even crazier!

Feedback always appreciated!

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