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Reggae Two Shot: The Abyssinians

Anyone familiar with roots knows The Abyssinians, and my good friends Trees over at Jump The Turnstyle reminded us why it's always good to go back to said roots. Read his post here, and download the tracks below (reshared as to not mooch bandwidth, what was up with the temporary shut down guys!?)

The Abyssinians - Satta Massagana

The Abyssinians - Poor Jason White

As always you can hear the reggae two shot Wednesdays at 11pm on Mofo Radio, then download the tracks here at Fully Fitted, with special thanks this week to our friends at Jump The Turntsyle. Is that enough blogs for you!?!! Selecta Prince Klassen on deck with the next. The show is on holiday next week though so might have to wait two weeks? Unless we make it internet only?

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Satta Massagana means Give thanks and praise in Ethiopian...So, mi breddren, I Give Thanks and praise fi di post...

Ryan D.

So is Fully Fitted a reggae mp3 blog now or what?


sure is starting to look like it huh. lol


so we'll take next week off?


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