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Holiday Record Buys

With the Fully Fitted A team filling us in on their gallivants across the globe (holler D+D currently doing their Australia thing) I thought I'd fill you in on my exotic holiday travels to New Jersey. It started well with a trip to the local mall, deteriorating further with every visit!

Benefiting though is the record spot of my youth. Formerly a hole in the wall on the second floor, they've moved down into what is obviously a retired Sam Goody. Good riddance Sam! The vinyl selection has slimmed but there are still a few cuts just good enough not to own:

The Salsoul Classics reissue among them ended up being warped to shit when I got home. My fault for not checking it out first. Still 3 bucks well spent supporting the place. Found the tracks online so my monetary loss could be your digital gain:

Anthony White - Block Party (Walter Gibbons 12-inch Mix)

Surface - Falling In Love

A quick cut from Mikey B. (no gel next time Mike!) and an Auntie Anne's pretzel later I was on my way home getting ready to do the damn thing.

Happy Thanksgiving from the armpit.


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The second one is ssiicckk


We have plenty of reporting to do, but no one has wi-fi over here. Its all pay computers at the airport and Lobbys, so...

Expect a fully filled report soon!


"let's get down to the nitty gritty"


sneak in to the quantas club you idiots! it's free innernets fa dayz


i dont have to sneak in... i stroll i, proclaim my saphire status, and promptly recieve my Sanguine robe.

No time for free internets when there are free HJs....

Prince Klassen

No way! You stay free at Howard Johnsons? I am so there next summer.


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