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Australia - iphone photos

Wow man, what to say?

Well summer is dope and I hate the winter. Its summer in Australia and that means festival time. Ron Darko and I just finished up doing the Stereosonic festival. Talk about Heavy Tunes, woah. Shit was mad fun and Ron and I agreed we were 3/5 on the tour for Festival gigs. The first one Darko had full equipment Faliure and the second one we played during the same time as headliners, The Crookers...Que Sera, the real deal is that it's summer and we've been having a ball with Dave Nada, Ro Sham BO, Hoops, and the On The Fly Crew. Levins and Fam killed Thanksiving, more on that from Ron's pic later...

Days 1 and 2 melted together....but After flying for like three days straight and then doing a 2 gigs on no 3 was like this...

Rule #1 :
Bring your CDs...Serato = DOUCHE CHILL on many ocasions..These CDs are UGO's, he slayed every night.

Record Shopping:


Here is a special treat i recorded this one from above at Kato's studio, Thanks Barney!
David Martial 45 - Tamba

Doing the Modular Podcast with Radge...Podcast soon to come

We said farwell to our comrade David Nardar last night...Amazing party, Anna from hoops killed it and we ook over the dancefloor... Cheers Dave, siiiick mate!

Tomorrow is back to Heaps Decent, more to come.....

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boy that kid has gorgeous hair (no homo)


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