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Do It Again mixes on Soundcloud

Do It Again started as monthly Sunday night held down by myself, Devlin, and our friend Ryan Durkin. It was a hang out and play whatever we want in a small bar type situation and turned out pretty fun each time we did it. Eventually our dudes Mayhem and Brek.One starting holding down other Sundays at the same spot so we decided to roll crew deep and make it a rotating jam session on the weekly. It's turning into the premiere Sunday destination, and to take it one step further we'll be recording live mixes from the night and putting them on our Soundcloud page. My latest entry is above but check the rest out at with fresh batch probably up in January. All killer, and all live. Some might say we were inspired by the "live at home" series, well consider this live at the club with a feel all it's own. And Soundcloud is a pretty neat spot for sharing tracks and mixes so friend if up if you're on there! Do It Again will be going down tonight (Sunday) at Zuzu, sans me but rumor has it Devlin is making a return?

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Ryan D.

premier sunday destination. nice.


"Premier sunday"..........HAHA. anyway last night was dope.


what else goes down on a sunday in this town? this is the premier if there ever was one.

did you record any sets from last night for the page?




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