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FF taco try-outs pt.1

Q:Do you think A-trak gets deals/special treatment when he travels because of his excellent series of hotel reviews?

Most of our attempts to get free stuff here at the FF hq are ill-advised and probably we don't deserve whatever it is anyway. Tacos however, are something that I feel we are not only experts on but, we consume them in such immodest quantities, that if there's something we deserve to get for free or at least wholesale rate it's probably Mexican food (see also: Rane equipment and cafe bustello). Regardless of whether or not we can rise to the heights of resaurant reviewing that would entail us actually getting free tacos, If our website becomes known as a place where people go to download reggae songs and read taco reviews I feel that we will have made a healthy, and helpful contribution to the blogsphere.

So without further ado let me kick off this installment of FF taco try-outs. This first SanFrancisco episode could not have taken place without the help of our excellent local guides, the Evens-Ditzler family who are not only experts on local mexican fare but have a capacity for consumption that left even this most gluttanous FF team member, gazing on in awe and admiration.

as you can plainly see from the diagram below the four main categories for judgement include: Atmosphere, Presentation, Condiments (chips, salsa, jalapenos etc), and Taste. additional tie-breaker categories include: Wait Time, Price, Tortillia Quality, Service and Chip Quality.

El Tonayense (taco truck)
22nd St and Harrison St
San Francisco, CA 94110

Atmosphere:5 (truck)
Presentation:3 (surprisingly very good given the paper plates and lack of an actual restaurant)
price: $9.25 for 5 tacos and 1 soda

El Metate (con sabora mexicana)
2406 Bryant St
San Francisco, CA 94110

Presentation:4 (tacos were artfully arranged on paper plates with lemon slices and jalepenos)
Taste:7 (revised from a 6.5)
price: $14 for 5 fish tacos and 1 soda

Total:16 (note: only fish tacos were consumed here which may have affected the score)

Taqueria San Jose
2830 Mission St
San Francisco, California 94103

Condiments:5 (full self-serve bar of salsas, and pickled veggies)
price: $14.75 for 5 tacos and 1 soda


El Farolito (winner!)
2779 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110-3103

Atmosphere:4 (indoors! also jukebox)
Condiments:5 (again, a full self-serve bar of all the usual salsas etc. salsa quality was very high)
price: $9.85 for 4 tacos and 1 horchata


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First, you are a genius for this one.

Second, lemme get this straight : All catagories, con la sola exception de 'taste', are on a scale of 1-5 ?


Just a friendly FYI:
They call me Ronnie Taco in Miami.


yeah taste is out of 10 to give it more weight in the overall score of 25 total points

Prince Klassen

goddamn we are so talking my language now.


what the shit! did you play in SF recently and I somehow missed it?


nope. vacation!


Chris, next time you in San Diego, I gotchu on this! El Callejon, you'll never be the same


"hip-hop taco shop", miami.

1 Macho Taco.

done deal.


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