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This is a MOdular Podcast I did while in OZ....Here it is, not too much good mixing, as I was playing off internal (no Turntables) and drinking beers with Radge from Modular...


Click the image above to check the write up and links to other Modcasts.

OR get the divshare HERE....( tracklist is in lyrics for your iphones and pods, just tap the screen)

†ra©k Lis†
Devlin - Plane Ride
Hecules and Love Affair - Blind (Devlin Remix.edit)
Rodriguez - Sugar Man (Devlin re.edit)
Fully Fitted - Shake It
Willie Colón - Che Che Colo ( Antibalas Remix)
Celina y Reutilio - San Lazaro
..................................Worst echo and mix....................................
Hercules and Love Affair - Hercules theme
Tomorrow - My White Bycicle
The Electric Frogs - Tribute to Brian Jones
Tony Tete Harbor and the Star Heaters of Nigeria - TeTe Muo bu Muo
The Daktaris- Eltsuhg Ibal Lasiti
Frankie Valle & The Four Seasons - The Night (Leam or Rosebud edit)
Duo Inter - Beggin
The Pioneers - Longshot kick De Bucket
Clyde Alexander & Sanction - Got To Get Your Love (Special Kenny Dope Edit)
SantoGold - L.E.S Artistes (XXX Change remix)
Tim&Eric - Petite feet (Devlin/Ghostdad Remix feat. Sylvia Gordon)
Novos Tropical - America Tropical (Devlin Quick.edit)
Telex / Carl Craig - designer Music (Moscow Disko edit?)
Africa Bambatta - Looking for the Perfect Beat
Iron Maiden- Run To the hills

IN Other News:

The Things That Exist

This is a collaboration with Something in The Universe...I use the term collaboration loosley, as It really went Something like this:
Summary of Email chain with old friend, Amir Fallah :

A: "hey do you have some wierd music you've made that you would like to contribute for this project my friends are working on"

Me: " yes, I do, something 'far out '? "  

A: "exactly"

 so....I made sure Animal Collective was cool with the appropriation and then gave Amir the first tune you hear on the podcast and SITU supplied the video...Click for more info.

Comments for this entry

Ryan D.

later i'm gonna get some fresh buds and some beeyas kid and get hammid and listen to this shit kid.


i saw you and darko play at stereosonic, shit was bangen. just wonderin what that song you opened with?


Oof.... What city was it ????


melbourne, it was bongocore


Chris thinks I may have started with "Street Player (T Bird Edit)" by Chicago from the In The Fryer EP, but I never pay attention to what we play, so... all bets are off.


such a hot mix bro!


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