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Australian Darko Diary, Pt 1

Chris & I just got back from the Stereosonic Tour in Australia and it was literally, an all expense paid summer vacation. We had one gig, then chilled in Sydney for a week, then four gigs and another 4 days off... Insane! But, while Plastic Little sat in there hotel rooms the whole time, Chris, Dave & myself, maximized every possible moment.

Thanksgiving Feast w/ Levins
Levins cooked up one of the most amazing Thanksgiving dinners I've ever had in my life. Literally... I didn't even get diarrhea! He also made us a home cooked meal of Ribs and vegetables (pictured above) when we first arrived in Sydney. He definitely gives Alex a run for his money in the kitchen. I'm suggesting an international Iron Chef cook off!

Opera House w/ Narder
Adult Desserts
Went down to the Opera House to visit the Ice Bar for some dranks, but ended up getting all grown and sexy with some sweets. Extravagant desserts and wine/coffee are my new guilty pleasure.

Hey Guy!
This guy got all excited when he saw the downtown area's courtyard Christmas tree installation. Sadly, that kid was never seen again.

Devlin Light Burst
Went out on the town with Neha and the nice Nina from hoops and stopped at this superb Sushi restaurant, where I snapped this pic of Chris. We also encountered a gallery which was displaying tons of fancy cat paintings. Chris has an iPhone pic of the most amazing "gay" cat in the set, but we haven't traded photos yet, so...

Gay Cat Paintings
Gay Cat Paintings

Nada pulling a Levins
Once we saw Levins' catalogue of "spoiling other peoples photos", we became inspired. A lot of celebrating, "Schoolies" and making out!

From the moment we landed, Australia was all up in Christmas' ass.... Hard! They don't do the whole Thanksgiving thing, so I guess they start celebrating X-mas early. Which is just creepy, like this photo.

Melbourne w/ Style

Bondi Beach
Anna & Dad
Once we finished the festival dates and met back in Sydney on Monday, we went straight to Bondi Beach for a party at Icebergs (which is the best place in all of Sydney). Anna from hoops was spinning and turned the free drink and hors d'oeuvres party into the greatest night ever. She even brought her famalam!

Traditional Australian Shoe Tossing
So great in fact, that the shoes had to go up in celebration... continuing the Turbo Tradition! So much funny shit happened, hopefully I caught some of it on video (which I'll post up soon). And if you missed it the first time around... Swirlpool (Australian Radio Mix, Pt. Darko)

Oh yea... I also did an FBI Radio promo for DJ Assult while I was in town. Look out, I'm building quite the resume!

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killer on the ruining photos tip. paging Durkin for input.

I'm downloading the hoops mix now and looking forward to finding more photos of them online. talk about grown and sexy!

and did Chris adopt an australian child? Who is that mysterious toddler showing up in random photos with him?


Before the Toss....

Ryan D.

can I get that booty alert acapella


Every part of that post was hilarious


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