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I missed my train to paris because i went out with the smalltown djs guys after my dj gig and we got pretty drunk. went to fabrix and saw jesse rose and fake blood and after that i cant remember but i think that this is what it looked like:

Ha, so anyway i missed my train and ended up staying in this hotel which when i booked it i was so hungover that i didn't really care when they said "it's not a single it's a half-room" and so i showed up and the room looked like this:

So last night i went out to Teki latex's birthday party at Le Baron in Paris. I saw stephan "the genevan heathen," Cuizinier, Teki and I met Para one who was super cool and apparently just did a movie soundtrack . Also he was djing on a MACBOOK AIR OMG. jealousy ensued. tomorrow night I'm playing at the social club here in paris no macbook air. Here are some photos of paris so far:

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Breezy Palomino

those picsz r cool
yr blanket looks itchy
pans shaped like roosters r lolz
we ate cookies at your house
plz bring me back something cool not cheeze.



para one's soundtrack is great, really mellow and creepy and dreamy. thomas who sometimes comments here put me on to that one. definitely worth checking out.

maybe a-trak should stay at that hotel and record a video about it!


Fabric photos post 2 am always come out like that man, your Kamera is on Tranquilized!!!

.... the comment record is 13, SFD/GMK needs 2 for the win


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