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played at the social club in paris on Wednesday. my cousin Andrea and her daughter Zoe came. this is Zoe with her boyfriend Flo.

In berlin my good friend sophie took me to a lecture by Amy goodman who runs Democracy Now which is a really cool non-mainstream media organization based in the United States then we saw this awesome piece of graffitti on the way to the club
I got the same hotel room two nights in a row in two different cities which blew my mind

As soon as i got off the plane in Geneva the booker Andre asked me if I wanted to go to a hockey game. so I said hell yeah! what a great way to break the monotony of airport/nightclub/hotel every day! Geneva lost but the game was still super fun. At the club that night i played with these dudes CLP. one of the dudes, chris de luca used to be in Funkstorung. which is like one of the huge reasons why i got into doing electronic/sequenced music in the first place. so after i was done fanning out on dude I played my set then headed home. also props to the people at the Zoo club in Geneva for getting my entire rider including scratch-off lottery tickets!

when I left I loaned pase my car so he could move into his new apartment. upon returning home pase was like "I got your car towed" so I went to the impound to try and get it back but they were like "we dont have it" so I was riding my bike home and kinda of half assed looking around the area where he said he last saw it and voila:

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Damn son! Amy Goodman, Saw her on Cable access in NYC recently,but I guess thats not as cool as seeing her go all crazy in the club.


Those stickers are seriously the stickiest fucking things in the damn world... i love how they give you directions on how to remove them. absolutely redicolous...


yea i spelled ridiculous wrong.... looks like you had mad fun in europe though. good shyte.

Breezy Palomino

next time ask for unscratched winning lottery tickets only and hard-boiled double-yoked eggs.


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