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GhostLabs Launch!

Been cleaning up some more Max patches I've been working on and made a repository for them all with an equally silly name in the form of GhostLabs. The newest release from the labs is GhostEffects. Here's what it looks like:

The idea for this came from Chris and Ron's persistent use of delay pedals plugged into their mixers. I thought to myself, I've got this whole friggin' computer in front of me can't I use this for some kind of effect? Using the patented Ghost Effects system you can now run RCA (or quarter inch) to eighth inch cables through the in and out on your mac and the aux channel on your mixer. With a good level coming in to your computer you can then send it through one of the simple effects or your favorite VST. Run the whole thing behind Serato for extra fun.

Can you do this same thing with something like Ableton? Probably. And the new Serato betas and updates will probably make this obsolete at some point as well (I hear the newest one has a sampler in it), but you can chalk these little patches up to one nerdy DJ's hobby for now.

Stuff is beta and maybe buggy but try it out if you're so inclined. And watch GhostLabs for updates and other tidbits of info. Ghost out.

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Ryan D.

ghostlabs gets the gas face from me until its products work with PCs.


step your life up. get a mac.


no PC support?? pisssss! those look very rad.


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