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stuff that never got released part 5: TOTAL RECALL GIRLZ

Sorry that last post was a total waste of space here's a good one.

The Virgins. A band who, you'd hope, would look like this:

but sadly, they look like this:

and they sound kind of like the strokes. except on dope. or like, the strokes crossed with the modern lovers? anyway I did 2 mixes for them on spec. The first had, according to an Atlantic A&R who will remain unnamed, too many changes, or different parts for a dance song:

"the Atlantic team love the direction you took it
in, but as a remix... they feel that there are to many "feelings" aka
"moods" to keep the average dance floor patron interested and remembering
the song, they would like for you to remove some of the diversity (imagine
that) and keep it a straight dance floor song"

A fair piece of criticism. So I redid it, still on spec, and turned in this version which I thought was pretty good:


after I turned this in I was pretty sure it was a wrap but then they came back again this time saying "now it's too dancey." I was beginning to feel like a rat in a maze and more than a little sick of the song, not to mention I had a sneaking suspicion that maybe they were just fucking with me for the fun of it. so I said "ok give me half the money we agreed on up front and I'll do another mix" (not really intending to do shit except take the money). and that's where we left it.

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"feelings aka


I like the "wind" sound




Alex, you need to start playing Ibiza! Or have you already been doing that? I'm so clueless as to whats happening in the world right now.


any sign of the dave gahan and solange remixes getting released?


any chance of posting up the 'feelings' version? would really like to hear it.


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