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What's nerdier than collecting records? Some of these bags bring me serious nostalg for the record spots of my youts. Some just look cool. A couple might be common to you New York peeps but I haven't dwelled down there in a minute so bear with me on this trip down the memory hole. Bonus entries from Chris on the other end!

Holler at Princeton. A post shopping poop in the bathrooms on campus is a must!Vintage Vinyl is always the look on the drive back from Princeton. Spiralie. This place is gone/moved?
A nod to TTL's current design.
OM classic.
A friend of mine nabbed me this in Spain a while back.
Some ornate designs from Chris's collection.
Also Chris's, the hand drawn Pirates fan chickadee jump off. Very nice.

Part one? Anyone got some part twos?

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that bottom bag is from this awesome store in tokyo with Great records and obsucre shit like old club 12" the guy bought on his trip to Baltimore where he...

" went to this gay club underneath the highway and heard amazing music"


your an absolute monster dewd. updates coming soon.


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