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Its that time again..To listen to..

Headed to chase the sun from Austin to Miami.
Needed: a soundtrack for 'uncertain times and good weather'.


Love - Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale
(edited a little for mixing in/out)

Forever Changes

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If in need of a good soundtrack, try some of the African funk mixes here...if you haven't already.


nice man. thank you.!


no problem. let me know how that works out...


Just found your site not to long ago and am really enjoying your mixes. The Open Bicicleta Mix, Love During War Time, and the 10min ICS Mix are fantastic. I really appreciate how you use all sorts of different styles in your mixes. It's inspired me to make a mix or two of my own. I am in no way a DJ, just someone who loves music. Thanks and give it a look if ya wish.


Anonymous got the "Frank album" off yoursite


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