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Mix Tape Edits Part 2: Fabric stuff

We've gotten some requests for these tracks off out fabric live cd. not much "editing" going on here just rapping mostly. this is one of my favorite pase raps ever. check out how he fucks up at around 3:14 then saves it. soooooo dope.

Kano "I'm Ready" FF Edit ft. Pase

Mylo "Drop the Pressure" FF edit ft. Spank

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nice ones! what's up with the new spank rock record?


the end of Kano is messed up (tons of feedback) :(


Sweet. Don't mean to be greedy but any chance of getting the rmx of Melo Do Tabacco. Been tryin to get a hold on a physical or proper qlty digital copy of that for a long time.


@k-von yeah i have no idea what that is couldn't get it to turn off either some kind of glitch in logic


This music is almost as good as salad.


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