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Red Line District

I am sorry Chris D, but this just had to be doubled up.... I shot this while waiting for the red line to take me to Chinatown in Chicago...

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oh man! he's doin the uncle eddie with the phone under his jacket. Classic!




thank you so much for shooting this video. It's just. Just. I'm at a loss for words. The thought that someone, no wait, TWO people doing this act. It's just amazing. I love people. We are so strange.


No Hustle, No Profit!! I hope you hooked them up with a buck!

Darius Sinclair™

This is how some stars mark their start. I bet you didn't know R. Kelly started off this way; singing in the train with his mom.

Tha Literary Mercenary

ahhh man i can't believe i missed this i always see some dude with an acoustic guitar singing easy like sunday morning...


yeah...that's a mind f***


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