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Petite Feet Dub

Causes 2 has been out for a minute now and features a remix of Petite Feet we did some time ago. The intentionally over the top breakdowns that take em to church in that one makes it a little tricky for the dance floor, and we came up with some superb parts we wanted to let burn a little more so we also arranged the petite feet DUB. Chris at the console, me at the DX-7, consider this a b-side on some 4 DJs ONLY 12" type ishh. Grab it below:

Petite_Dub [feat. Sylvia Gordon]

I have reggae two shots to catch up on but we've been sitting on this dub for a while. I'll gather some of those for next week.


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Ryan D.

petite dub is the fine cambodian breast milk of nu-disco dub jams.


you made my daaaAAAAAAaaaYYYY


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