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I was going through records last week getting ready for a night I was doing with Scottie B. I wanted to play some old Club songs and do some mixing like I used to hear on the radio in Baltimore in the 90's. I quickly found that most all of my old weird club records are scratched to shit, so I started recording them into the ol' DAW . Then I started fucking around and doing some quick,choppy editing. Here's one of them:

Clubshorts record Blend #1

sideeyenote: I did the jungle brothers a capella live in the club, but i figured i would edit it in because it seems like a handy DJ tool. If anyone wants the track without it leave a message after the beep.

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Leigh Feldman

what is the best email to reach you at so we can send you music/clothes/items/beverages and all the other products our pr firm is working on currently? let me know. thanks! -


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