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Speaker Project Relaxation Mix

A few years ago my Boston roommate for life Benny and I participated in Juan Angel Chavez's speaker project at Mass Art. Chavez's giant "speakers" turned gallery into a bunch of makeshift accoustic spaces and chillout rooms using scrap wood and metal found on the streets of Boston and local artists were invited to perform daily. Benny and I both did solo sets but we also wanted to collab on a DJ set in the space. We were really into the New Age records and tapes that kept turning up at the local second hand so decided to do a proper New Age mix. Dug up the recording the other day and have been relaxing hard to it. We did this mix using vinyl, Serato, tapes at variable speeds, and some basic effects in Max/MSP. This is a direct recording so you won't hear what it sounded like from inside the giant speaker but the resonance of the wood and metal was supposed to make it all the more interesting. Hope you enjoy it in your own acoustic environment. Partial track list in the comments below (tapes may be hard to track down).
For more on Ben check out his distro and this interview he did with Rare Frequency last year.

Check out this globe article for more on the speaker project and photos at the Speaker Project website.

Panorama above snapped by our friend Egan using his iPhone thanks dude!

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