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Dj 7L - Music To Be Murdered By

Earlier this month we posted 7L's amazingly great yacht/smooth/AM rock mix, Step Into The AM. If you are enjoying this amazing East Coast Fall as much as I am, you should definitely grab that mix. Put it in the pod pod and take a ferry across the water to make it that much more special.

Now our Bladerunner main man has taken the Halloween mix into the next level. With all respect to our very own Darko, this mix is my new favorite "holiday" mix.

7L mixed a grip of horror movie scores and film samples together for your listening pleasure. This is definitely good for handing out candy to kids and maybe the goth that got into Hip Hop via Necro and Non-Phixion (this mix contains none of these artists, thank god).

Added Bonus: Mike 2600 on the design tip for this.

So without further ado, I bid you MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY!!!!


DJ 7L - Music To Be Murdered By

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also the catchpa was seman


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