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I'm quitting music.

sike! just cleaning out my racks to make room for some new stuff
here's the ebays if any of y'all are into buying recording gear:

SSL G SERIES BUS COMPRESSOR. USED THIS ON PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING FOR THE LAST 2-3 YEARS. its bangin'. gonna switch flavors now is all. time to move on. here's the ebay

THERMIONIC CULTURE VULTURE. TUBE DISTORTION/OVERDRIVE. use this on synths a lot also bass sounds. with the overdrive off it tightens up the low end in a nice way
here's the ebay link

DIGI 002 rack. nice cheap firewire interface. 8ins/8outs. I used this on the kills "midnight boom" LP. not much else as i prefer working in logic. here's the ebay

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