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Nickel Snacks & Paper Stacks

Mr. AOK checks in from Brooklyn (by way of Brookline) with his newest mixtape for Famous Class. Chock full of edits with dope artwork from Sober. Here's the breakdown from Marko:
I made Nickel Snacks & Paper Stacks as part of my ongoing mix series with brooklyn DIY label Famous Class Records. It consists of 12 tracks, 10 of them are brand new original edits. I guess part of the reason I did it this way was to force myself back into more production. But I also wanted to share some of my favorite rap songs and artists with kids that wouldn't normally give them a chance because of the production / scene / whatever. It sounds like strawberry lemonade 4Loko and a Backwood full of hi grade in the back of a show early on in the night. It plays a little like an EP but with tempo mixing and it has the best rap tunes that i've been listening to mixed with the best other tunes I've been hearing. You can't go wrong.



FOR THE DJ'S (no drops, mixing or anything, straight edits for your serato box)

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Waka Flocka Joe

its more like watermelon four loko.

but i dig


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