DVD & Me

With all the traveling that we do, theres never enough time to go to
the movies or watch television. So, when we actually get time off,
I buy a batch of DVDs and do nothing but order in and watch
movies at the crib. These are the DVDs I've just purchased...

The King Of Kong: A Fist Full Of Quarters
king o fkong
This guy with a mullet had the highest score on Donkey Kong
way back in the 80's and could never be beat... until now!
Armed with "a fist full of quarters" and a heart of gold, Steve Wiebe
takes on the Twin Galaxies for a shot at the world record books.

JAWS: 30th Anniversary Edition
This came in a 2 disc boxed set with a commemorative 55 page photo book for $9.99. I can sniff out a bargain like a pig does truffles.

2057: The Body, The City, The World.
I'm always complaining about how my "Promised Future" isn't here. You know, the flying hover boards and robotic butlers that we were promised by the Walt Disney corporation before the turn of the new millennium. Well, this DVD looks like it might enlighten me to some
of those answers I've been so longly searching for.

The Simpsons Movie
Everyone I talked to that saw this movie when it came out said the same thing, it was "alright" and that it felt like a "long episode". They were wrong, it's dope and now in my DVD collection.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Sixth Season
curb 6
I can understand those of you who may find it hard to watch this man painfully stumble and awkwardly go through his everyday activities, but its so good. For some people its The Sopranos and for others, like myself, its Curb Your Enthusiasm... and then there are people who watch I Love New York.


Im gona try to do a weekly podcast and i figured the best way to start was with this radio show.We went into the studio with Ghostdad and it turned out to be really fun.

Spagett came through and The Rascal co-hosted. We had some international listeners via Montreal and Hong Kong. The show was pretty long so i cut out a bunch of talking and chopped it in two (and corrected my self).
Here it is, along with some pretty nice sleeve pics:

mofo radio pt.1 (devlinpod)

mofo radio pt.2 (devlinpod)

click here for the full version (no edits )

Also when lurking around the internets looking for information on Los Chakachas-Jungle Fever , I found this really nice blog post with links to some funky ass belgian disco and early 80s wierdness... get them before they go down @ Belsoft

Igloofest '08

On January 24th, at the Quays of the Old Port of Montréal,
Devlin & Darko performed with Ninja Tune artists Ghostbeard, Daedelus and Ghislain Poirier. 3323 people were in attendance and...
it snowed the entire fucking time. All i can say is that it was AMAZING! Check it out for yourself with this handy little video diary.

*No Couche-Tards were harmed during the filming of this video.


First ... Big Thanks To Amanda, Santi, Sylvia, Pase, and Naeem for doing it up at Hiro on Thursday.
Second ... put this song on tonight before you do what you do.

Papa Was A Rolling Stone - Sydney, George, and Jackie

Aussie rap names...

Here's an interview with Dools and Linda on Triple J radio in Sydney, Australia

also tonight! BE THERE!

wtf factor.

the last post reminded me of this..... the weirdest song on out first mix-cd.

oh! super milk chan theme

Live On the Radio...and a MPfree.

Going out to Newton, Ma to do Ghostdad's Radio Show Tonite. Check it streaming live from 10 pm - 1 am right here. I'm gonna play a bunch of different stuff, from Alan Parson's to Parson's Alan, and you can bet Ryan will have some nice tracks as well. TUNE IN !!!

I leave you with a song from tonite's playlist. A Cantonese cover of The Dazz Band's "Let it Whip". This track has a Cantonese title and I can't pronounce it so I will leave the song labled as Balagan gave it to me.

Let it Whip (love fever) - George Lam

and the sweet, sweet video:

George Lam's myspace page


Some hot Pasey P action for those long, cold winter nights!



Click Here to RSVP and get in FREE.

Here's the low down dirty dirty...
This will be our 3rd Fully Fitted Monthly in NYC.
Its one monster of a dance party that happens @ the sexy ass HIRO Ballroom. The first one was with Kudu, the second was Moby & Tony Sunshine... Now, its going to be Ms. Amanda Blank - the first lady of the ROCK BOYS Familia. This is BIG for so many reasons, but the main reason being that... She doesn't ever do solo gigs! She's always just guest spotting at Spank Rock shows. If you don't know, you better axe somebody! Or, just click the links below.

Spank Rock feat. Amanda Blank "Bump (Switch Remix)"
Britney Spears "Gimme More (Eli Grayson Mix feat. Amanda Blank)"
Pase Rock feat. Amanda Blank "Sexy Mother Fucker (Eli Remix)"
Amanda Blank "Get It Now (Robot Koch Remix)"
Bangers & Cash feat. Amanda Blank "Loose"

Big up FOURCOLORZACK for whipping us up a quick blinking e-flyer. We also got the one and only Pasey Pase DJing with us too!

European Vacation Mega Image Post

well this post is a little past it's expiration date. but hey, I think some of these pictures are worth sharing, and I hope you do too!
European vacation team.

The Kills getting ready to play to a packed house at the Modular party

This crazy huge squat they were demolishing across the street from the Ninja Tune offices.

bugs. running shit in a nice tuxedo.

D&D vandalized Sinden's whiteboard at the Kiss fm studio

Me and Chris looking and feeling stupid after missing the Kills show. We went to the wrong club.

detail of my bourgeoise hotel room in Barcelona

some kind of space/egg/dildo/thingy outside of our hotel.

Chris eating food

Mission accomplished.

Our Barcelona pre-club feast. at this table are Tiga, Belle and Sebastian, Soulwax with band and crew, dj Mehdi, and some other people who I don't know.

Razzmatazz, super club in Barcelona, putting the "big room" back in big-room house music

apparently I was still hungry

and finally! the reason for this entire post. This trip's One-More-Day Champion! our now dear friend, Luis, who followed Chris and Ron all the way from Mexico, through the UK and all the way to Barcelona, and who turned out to be an all around stand up guy in the O.M.D. tradition. turns out he had never heard of any of us , or spank rock, or modular or sinden or whoever, he just wanted to party. no male-groupie-o


chris, Clayton, me
This post was inspired by
disclaimer* - Chirs doesn't actually do large amounts of cocaine

"I Wanna Talk"

It's Cold up here in Boston. In fact its' too damn cold. In light of this fact, I give you this song off Rick James' Street Songs ... i edited it and gave the song a few more bars in the intro as to mix it easier.

Below The Funk (Pass The Joint)

This excerpt (below) is from Tony Best's article on Street Songs in Wax Poetics. Id type the whole peice but, shit, pass the joint. - Kenny Bloggins

Oscar Alston (Bassist Stone City Band) :When you listen to the song, it's comical, because in the studio that would be a thing, you know. After a while, you were just sitting there listening to the music with a joint in your a daze. Then somebody would say, "Pass the joint!" That was one of the last songs that we did on Street Songs, so he could afford to stretch out. At that point Rick knew he had a hit album on his hands-not just a hit song here or there. He knew that the whole album was hot.

Happy New Year from my iphone...


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